MIKE: So you are like politico in that, for you this is like lunchtime, right? White House's start very early, right?


DAN: yes-


MIKE: So where are you in your day?


DAN: If I have been working, I have been in my third meeting of the day so I give you a sense of (inaudible) in the White House-


MIKE: And what are the three meeting? When?


DAN: 6:45- 7 depending on the morning. Read the papers. TV staff of the first meeting 7:45 then we have expanded senior staff and then we have communications staff meeting that all include (inaudible) J Kearney and some other staff.


MIKE: And you leave when?


DAN: Depending on the day sometimes it is 12 hours after I get there. Sometimes it's 13. Sometimes it's more. I think for all jobs in Washington you don't know how your day is going to be when you get there. Some days are long and some days are better.


MIKE: So today the President is in Colorado talking about guns. You are going to be joining him on the west coast over the weekend. On Monday the President is going to be in Connecticut talking about guns. It seems like that the air has been coming out really tough out of the part that we thought will be no (inaudible). Why is that?


DAN: I think there is- - I read some of the stories and suggests that around the country- -


MIKE: It is not stories, it's a fact- -


DAN: Well I think it is not a fact to American people. You know, when you have - - I have been in politics along time. I rarely run into 90% issue with background checks. You know they were maybe people in Washington who might be getting could feet here looking for a way out of if they can progress here. But around the country the President has traveled on this. He has met with families. There was a very powerful (inaudible) in the White house with mothers who have mobilized, some of the mothers are victims or just motivated by what they saw in New Town and elsewhere. Very powerful he would feel really strong about this. So I think- - there are a lot of (inaudible) and politics one is you don't want you get on the wrong side of 90% of the issues.


MIKE: Well but a lot of people are and (inaudible) had a great lead and put it go the other day. He said New Town may have changed America but it didn't changed Washington. Why is that?


DAN: Why? I think on a whole of issue Washington tends to be lagging indicator. I (inaudible) with opinion.


MIKE: including- - you think that is the case on guns?


DAN: Well there is no question that in 90% issue we shouldn't be - - really have this conversation. We should be heading towards a solution of the problem. I'm still very optimistic that we are going to be able to work something out here. It's very important , you know, of all issues there is people in Washington talk by winners and losers  and what is going to happen here - - never never I suggest that there will be winners and losers at the politico event. But there is- - this is one where this is a life for death issue where that you are going to make progress and there is going to be some of people whose life will be saved or will not and people will be at risk. That is serious business.


MIKE: Now put aside public talk. What does President do in private to really push the Senators of both parties (inaudible)? What kind of (inaudible) is he going to do? How much of himself is going to put to get those really tough votes?


DAN: Well it's a clear defined moment in New Town happens. He has put a lot on the line to try to make progress here. He has put a lot of effort on this. He has gone up to - - he has talked to the Senate, Democrats as a whole twice as New Town to make the case for these steps. He is working very closely with the Senators, Senator Schumer, Senator Manchin and others. He is going to make the case but here is what that I do know is that you have overwhelming numbers of democrats who are supporting this. And under underwhelming numbers of republican who are. And so democrats are step up to the plate here and they are trying to do the right thing. And the question would be whether you know are we going to get every single democrats? Absolutely not. You can't. It's not what you expect anonymity among these parties like this.


MIKE: But is the President going to privately twist their arms? Will he go LBJ on this issue?


DAN: He is going to make a very aggressive case to anyone and everyone of both parties for why this is the right thing to do


MIKE: Is it possible the President sense new (inaudible)?


DAN: If we are- - you know we live in a world with divided government. We live in a world where the republican controls the house. If the republican decide- - we live in a world where the republicans have may 60 votes the threshold for everything. So if they decide, they are going to block it. They can do that. I think there would be consequences- - significant political consequences if they make that decision.


MIKE: What would happen?


DAN: Well I mean if you look at the general political standing of the Republican Party right now. You know, I read the report that (inaudible) ends his community- - the autopsy and you know, it's pretty a good report and looks at a lot of their problems and I give that actually a group credit for speaking truth the(inaudible)  there. But what I will say is that the only people who have seen or read that report are RNC(Republican National Committee), myself and people in this room because everything that Senate republicans and house republicans are doing flies in the face of that and that includes getting on the wrong side of 90% issue.


MIKE: If there is no gun bill is it possible republic loses the house in 2014?


DAN: I think there is a possible the republicans will lose the house for a whole (inaudible) and continuing to reinforce the idea that you are the party that caters not to the 90% but to the 10% a party that is out of touch with the mainstream of American all whole of issues that continues to alienates the demographic groups that are moving away from the republican party. That would contribute to that and certainly of you look at all the areas where, you know, every smart republicans including (inaudible) has looked and said we have trouble with these groups decide that you are going to block common sense by 90% of the country and large numbers and majority of gun owners. It's not going to help the situation.


MIKE: What the President signed a gun bill that does not require record keeping for private sales.


DAN: What the president wants is to sign the strongest gun bill he can sign and our base line here is where what is the law today? And how much stronger can we make it? And so- -


MIKE: So he would sign this if this was all that- -


DAN: We have to make sure that whatever we do is better than current law. So we are going to look at any compromise that they comes forward and we are going to base on that because the president said if we can save just one life, you know that's what we are trying.


MIKE: your twitter followers known by the way go ahead give your handle


DAN: 50544


MIKE: At 50544 followers know you are a big basketball guy. Bill Bradley's first book was "a sense of where you are". So let's pull back the camera. One of your favorite (inaudible) is coming up April 29th. Tell me where you feel like your ads since the inauguration?


DAN: oh I think I would look at both since the inauguration and since the election. But you know what we have been able to accomplish and right after the election the President came and sat down with the senior team. We talked about the second term. What we are going to undertake. And he said to each of us and a lot of people in that room were considering whether they are going to stay whether they are going to do different things to move on. And he said we'll never have a better opportunity in our lives to do more good for more people than over the next four years. And so that's the (inaudible) he is using. That's the metric reason to determine success or fail and give one of them away.


MIKE: Obama ruled specially the campaign very driven by metrics. So let's talk about metrics for a second not the metric system. It's a measurement. December 31th at 2013 the first year of the new term of successful look like what?


DAN: I think the way that we look is under two ways. One the motivating factor that got the President into National Politics into the presidency in 2008 was who do we help to the middle class and those who want to give in to that. So we look at the economy and what we can be able to do to help the average person who are struggling and if we are continuing make progress in that, that's success. And then the second metric if you will, is you know, there is a series of campaign promises that the President made over the years. Are we making progress on those? You know have we- - you know you look at so far that we are right now huge campaign promise immigrations are formed, making progress on that. You know he talked (inaudible). Are we going to help sort of rebalance the economy so it's not a top down economy. What we are going to accomplish at the end of last year the fiscal cliff helping, you know, return the tax rate still what they were in President Clinton. That was progress on that.


MIKE: Next question. Be specific here you are one of only a handful five six people who know the actual answer to this. You will be surprised that occasionally Obama advisors are not one of those five people. You are January 21th 2017 success look like what? this president is determined to do what?


DAN: I think, you know our metrics for the first year are the same as the metrics for the next four years- -


MIKE: So we are going to have three wasted years?


DAN: No. One part that we made on our campaign- - on his campaign promises is that we improve the economy is that the housing market is getting stronger are more jobs being created is he signed a law of immigration reform is a middle class way of life more cheaper for more people is Obama cares. That will implement successfully people is that are we meeting our metrics there? is wall street reform being implement successfully. So we are looking to continuing progress. Additional legislative progresses are the things we have talked about. Have we made real progress on clean energy on the environment and climate? So the core areas that he has talked about, we are looking in all of those and see how much progress we have made and if at the end of the that we have made our campaign promises stayed true. Stayed true on who he is and he ran on and that is going to be success.


MIKE: So Dan Pfeiffer not only you are one of handful people who know what the President is- - actually know what the President is thinking moment to moment. You are one of the first people there. You first day in Obama world was Martin Luther king day 2007. Tell me what you did?


DAN: You know now everybody talks about the Obama campaign as this big billion dollar enterprise- -


MIKE: You were (inaudible)


DAN: I mean our first day was largely spent with Bill Burton who was then our national- - having his first international press secretary and I standing outside on the shrink corner waiting for the Robert Kids to pick us up and take us to- -


MIKE: You are still waiting. Now Robert has a driver. So you know something is changed!


DAN: Robert drives a Chevy volt all around the town. We went to this little rented office that David (inaudible) rent it, actually just around the corner from here on Connecticut. And we get there. There is like six of us. We have no internet. Somebody had to go to staples for wireless. And choose to go from where we are right now or even where we were in a few month later after that when the campaign was up and going. And it was as- - sort of as basic start issue can imagine for what we was becoming a high-flying enterprise. You know we always show through the time that because of the short, you know, president didn't unlike a lot of- - most people wanted the president he didn't plan for the four years. You know he was sort of getting into the idea only a few months before he actually announced. And so we were always on the wings as we were taking off. And we had very- - our sparse beginnings were probably harder to imagine for people who showed up a few month later.


MIKE: Democrats on the hill very high level. Democrats on the hill told us they have been assured that change CPI (consumer price index) it change how we measure the cost to save money included, are they right?


DAN: Well I'm not going to get the ahead of the budget. I know this is a very big day for reports in Washington. Everybody goes up and films the budget coming off the printers, you know. I wouldn't want to ruin that for folks right here right now. But want I can tell you is the president's offer to speaker Boehner is on the table that included among other thing CPI that is on the table waiting for someone to come one to take it.


MIKE: So with fair expect what be included in the budget?


DAN: I would let you what is fair to expect not expect. What is fair to expect is that offer is on the table. It's important to understand two things. One this is not something that our offer to speaker is not our deal position. Its one thing that we thought was a common sense position. They came to us and said here are some things that we would like in a deal. We would like age 67 to change in Medicare age. We said we don't agree with that. We don't think that is a good policy. They say we would like CPI. We said we don't love that. This isn't the way we would approach it. But in the context of a deal we both have to give something that we want to do on one condition and has to have some protection for the most vulnerable for older Seniors for poorer Seniors and so that's what is on the table right now.


MIKE: Will this budget include- - not being specific just very vague. Will this budget include structural changes to Medicare?


DAN: This budget will have the, you know, our approach to Medicare is something that has been well-known. It includes significant savings that was in our plan since we had (inaudible). It was in our last budget. It's in our offer to Boehner. And that includes you know things like asking higher income Seniors to pay higher premium.


MIKE: DO you take on your (inaudible) in the budget. Will there be things in this budget that would give leader Pelosi heart burn?


DAN: Well none of these things is going to surprise the leader Pelosi. And look we- - not everyone in our party agrees with our approach to. They don't agree with the things we want to do. You know, huge - - you know anyone who was reading the News counts or watching cable television in the wake of the debt ceiling negotiations or when it came out that, you know, CPI or something we wanted to consider in the context in the broad deal knows that are elements that are very strong elements based with very loud voices who were very displeased with that.


MIKE: And all were remained true?


DAN: I mean we have- - the president believes both sides have to compromise here. what it means we have be willing to do smart things on entitlements. That doesn't mean turning it in to a voucher system. It doesn't mean changing the nature of the program but it means we are going to have to make some adjustments. On the republican side that means we are going to have to do additional (inaudible). It doesn't mean raising tax rates again. What it means is closing loophole and using that money paying on deficit.


MIKE: Dan Pfeiffer thanks for fantastic conversation.


DAN: thanks for having me.


MIKE: Thank you very much.


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