How to beat dehydration during Ramadan


Abstaining from food in Ramadan is generally bearable…


It is water we struggle without, particularly during the summer.



Water makes up around 70 per cent of human body, even mild dehydration can affect your day-to-day performance, leaving you:


1. Fatigued


2. Dizzy


3. Suffering from headaches


4. A lack of concentration



So how can you prevent dehydration?


1.      Steer clear of the sun: Wherever possible, remain in a cool and shaded area, wear a hat and do less strenuous activities.


2.      Drink water and fluids during and after Iftar. Normal dehydration post-fast is easily remedied by drinking 8 glasses or more of water after Iftar. Avoid tea, coffee and sodas, as they contain high levels of caffeine, which may cause further dehydration.


3.      Drink traditional Ramadan drinks: apricot juice helps in the reduction of discomfort from stomach acid build up, brought about by the lack of water.


4.      Replace lost nutrients and minerals: drink other fluids besides water, such as coconut water, to replace lost nutrients and minerals. Watery citrus fruits and strawberries are also recommended right up to Suhour time.


5.      Take care of your health: to combat potential sickness, due to lack of water, minerals and nutrients, don’t over-exert yourself while fasting. It can wait until after Iftar.



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